Jan 8, 2011

Craft weekend

Decided to go through my craft supplies closet this weekend and after going through a bunch of half-finished crafts, got inspired to do more. Yeah, I'm starting new ones, not finishihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifng the un-finished ones. Seriously, what did you think I would do? :D

And since I stole a great camera off my dad, I can now take semi-decent pictures of things, so I decided to share some with you.

I was attempting some French nots. I failed at that, but had fun nonetheless. I embroider after sketching stuff on the piece of cloth. Mostly while I'm watching TV - quite a relaxing and productive hobby, imho.

I call this one a "Beautiful sea maiden with a goofy face".

This one is an unfinished rushnik, which is a traditional Russian towel that was sort of a family heirloom item. Rushniks were used as dowry items, and decoration, and many sacred ceremonies. The designs embroidered on them were very elaborate and symbolic. I dunno how to do any of the traditional designs, to be honest, so I decided just to make a colorful parrot-bird-thing.

And a couple of my flower samplers. Just having some fun with it.

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