Jan 4, 2011

Cat, Duck, and God.

One thing that amazes me every day, is how much my perspective on various things in life has changed ever since I became a mother. The other day, I had to turn off a Tom and Jerry cartoon because I found it absolutely horrifying, and also because I was watching it with Gio.

That particular episode was about a baby duck, who happens to hatch under Tom (the cat), and because he is the first creature he sees – he believes the cat is his mother. And the little creature just adores Tom, clinging to him and saying how beautiful he is and that “his mommy is the best in the world.” Tom, on the other hand is attempting to simply murder the duckling and eat him. He is a cat, after all. I don’t remember how this cartoon ended, but I am sure that I’ve seen it many times and it never bothered me before my son came into our lives.

All of a sudden, the hidden horror of the situation hit me – this little creature knows only one thing: this cat, this other creature is his mother, and he loves “it” without any question. Yet the cat, oblivious to the duckling’s love for it, is determined to serve his own purpose and devour it. Can you imagine the heartbreak the baby duckling would suffer if he knew, or even understood his situation? As a mother, I think one of the worst things I can imagine (and if you a parent, you know we can imagine some pretty horrible things), is my son ever thinking that I don’t love him. That I won’t do anything I can for him.
A woman of God I know once told me:” Your relationship with God, and the way you view God in your life is based a lot in how you view your parents.” Watching that silly cartoon made me realize that the duckling used to be me. And the cat, that I so dearly clung to, believing that it is my “mother” was the world. And I am talking about the “world” in the Biblical sense of the word.

It is only natural, isn’t it? It is near, it is tangible, we understand it. We build our hopes and dreams and our very image to conform to what it tells us we should be. What we could be. We cling to it’s promises, and take knocks from it, believing that this is it. And so many of us go through life never realizing that there IS something else out there. Without Christ – we are children, stuck in a forever-abusive family, trapped, beaten and defeated, because we don’t know that there is something better. That we DON’T HAVE TO LIVE THAT WAY.

John 2:15
“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.”

The world is a cat that wants to roll you up in some pastry and stick you in the oven. Because it is what it is. But you are not a duck. I choose my Father because he has given me the gift of being able to choose him. I may live in the world, but it is not my home. I have a mother whom I love, but she is not the governing force in my life. I have a father who is human, but he does not define who I am and neither do his faults.

God will never betray. He will never leave. He will never get bored of you, never humiliate you, never leave. He IS the perfect parent. God is for you.


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Kim Foo Young said...

Anna - i am breathless. speechless. thats it.


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