Jan 14, 2011

Blog readers CAN change the world

Jon Acuff posted a report on what kind of difference donations from his readers made in villages in Vietnam and Uganda. The original request was to raise a certain amount for purchasing nets for people in Uganda and Vietnam - countries heavily affected by Malaria, due to mosquitoes.

The goal was to raise $10k in 24 hours. Sounds like a lot to ask,but not for God. He moved people. 10k were collected within 2.5 hours. And donations continued to pour in.

Nets were purchased and brought to numerous kids and adults. People, that those blog readers would never meet, yet their donation possibly prevented many of those human beings suffering and possibly dying.

I just wanted to share this with you, and say that I have seen miracles that God can do with giving. Miracles that God can do with people even spreading a word about someone in need - and the love starts to pour. Out of unexpected sources, in, sometimes, unexpected ways.

We are a jaded people, especially the ones who brave the ocean of the internet everyday. We see people get taken advantage of, tricked, conned, ripped off. We see people devising more and more clever ways to steal, cheat, destroy. And it becomes hard to care, hard to believe. But God sees all, don't you know? What's worse - that your 2-3 bucks will end up in the hands of a conman, who essentially used misfortune of others to gain, or you not believing someone's story and ending up not helping someone who genuinely is desperate?

I would rather loose the money, than miss a chance to be a part of the fire that changes the world.I am definitely not saying blindly giving to anyone who asks. Not at all!
Always verify and ask questions. God is a God of truth. He will reveal the lie if its a lie. Just leave your heart's door creaked open for him to come in, that's all.


Kim Foo Young said...

true that sista!

1grown2togo said...

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Heavensent1 said...

I hear you there...it's true, so true~!!

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