Jan 30, 2011

Peace: one minute at a time.

There is something so exquisite waking up to my little son snuggling under the blanket. Even when one of his cold feet emerges from under the blankets just to sock you in the nose. Its bitter-sweet, because I know that this is so short-lived. This bliss of in-between time, when he is still young enough to be cuddly and squishable and all silly, but old enough to have a funny conversation with, or have him ask me funny questions.

So soon he will be too grown-up for me, know everything, claim that I don't understand him, and that I'm trying to ruin his life. He will be involved in his own life, own friends, own hobbies and interests. Snuggling with mommy will no longer be a treat, but most likely creepy (kind of agree there).

But for now, I just have to always remind myself that these days of when he will gladly drag a chair over to the sink to help me wash the dishes will be over too soon. So what if he doesn't really help, as much as make everything water-logged and drippy? We are spending time together. We are happy and playing.

The aprons that we are wearing were made by Suzanne over at One Less Orphan, One Less Broken Heart. She has a dream of making this a world without orphans. She runs contests and helps others raise funds for their adoptions. We won this pair of adorable aprons at one of her contests. I love that they are a part of some of my happiest memories. If you are a family that is currently working on adopting, or would like to help other families, please visit Suzanne.

Jan 29, 2011

Prayer request: 4-years old suffered severe burns

*If you are reading this post because you got my plea for help on your blog - thank you.

Yesterday a family in Tatarstan - probably a place that many have not even heard of, suffered a terrible tragedy. Their 4 -year boy found a lighter, and was playing with it. Unfortunately, he set a couch on fire, and if it was not for his 2-year old sister, who saw the fire and immediately work up their parents - they all most likely would have perished, as the fire quickly spread.

The family is alright, even though they have lost a lot to the fire, but the worst of all is the injuries their son received. Doctors report burns on 50% of his body, but do not yet know the exact severity and whether the boy will need skin grafts.

Please include little Maksim in your prayers tonight. He has a long and difficult road to recovery ahead of him. His family will be strained financially, but most of all - they have to endure alongside their boy and watch him struggle with these horrific injuries.

Brother and sisters, lets pray for this little boy's recovery. May the Lord soothe his pain and make it so the burns are not deep enough for him to have skin grafts. May he hold them all in his arms and pour out love. Love you, little Maksim. Please hang in there!

You can read about the tragedy (in Russian) here.

Jan 26, 2011

Thank God for being sick

Let me explain a bit. I am actually very lucky to not have had any severe health issues throughout my life. Sure, as a child I was sick a lot. Sometimes my fevers would spike to the point of hallucinations. I suffered terrible nosebleeds all the time. Poor health and sanitary conditions in school led me to have frequent stomach viruses and other stuff kids my age and in my area had all the time. I consider that all a part of growing up where I grew up. I think it only made me stronger.

But overall, I have been very fortunate to never have to experience the suffering of having diseases like cancer, for example. I never had to spent weeks at the hospital, or have my mother cry at my bedside, not knowing whether I will live or die.

I was so sick of the past couple of days, that I think I was getting ready to feel sorry for myself. Laying in bed, my body wracked with pain, cold and hot at the same time, my throat so painful, that I wanted to cry. And the headache! As if someone was putting my head in the vice. It was pretty terrible. But then I remembered that if I never feel pain, then I cannot appreciate the absence of it. I feel so much better today, and I thank God for having been sick, because I appreciate my overall good health on a renewed level.

No matter now bad I feel, I always know that I will get better eventually. and the passing of the pain - is one of the best feelings, next to my little son coming into my room and asking if "Mommy is OK, and does she need a glass of water."

I'm OK. I get sick because I am alive. I feel pain and I'm thankful that its just small passing pain. I don't really suffer, not really. And I thank God for being kind and merciful for giving me this life, this healthy body, despite me abusing it all the time.

There is a hospital somewhere in Ukraine, much like many others in numerous countries all over the world. It's a leukemia hospital for kids. You see, hospitals and health care in Ukraine in Russia is not what we have here in the US (no matter how much we don't like it, or how it fails us sometimes). There, if you get sick, you would have to pay for you medicine. If you don't have the money - you cannot get it. I believe that hospitals will keep you, but you will be getting very minimal care.

This organization is being ran by a few men and women who find and collect donations as well as volunteer help for the hospitals and orphanages in their area. They are forever-vigilant and devoted their lives to improving those of the children who have already suffered so much in their short lives:
Children of Zaporozhye

One of the women, working for the organization, is a former patient at that hospital. She was lucky to survive, thanks to sheer endurance of her mother. But imagine this, your child is sick, so very sick that it is very possible that she or he will die. You go to a hospital, and it barely has enough equipment to keep your son or daughter alive. You don't have a choice - you cannot travel, nor do you have the money to make sure your kid has the right kind of medicine to simply survive. How soon before you start going crazy watching your child suffer, only clinging to the slim chance of a miracle?
What do you do when the staff decides to not use up the last of the blood they have in storage, when your kid's nose starts bleeding for hours, because "they are hopeless"?

The story of the woman who was a patient at the hematology ward, and has now dedicated her life into helping the children in her area is an uplifting one. She wrote about the time she spent there as a child, and It is difficult to image such a terrible place and time for anyone, especially for a child.

I hope that you visit their site. Read some of the accomplishments and changes that happened due to help of people who wanted to help. If you feel led to offer help, please do. They have a friend in USA - Patric who assists with donations.
If you cannot give, please find a place in your heart for prayers for the sick and the family-less kids.

I thank God that I'm only sick for a short time. I thank God that my family are all healthy and well and hopefully will never have to suffer like this. I pray that those that are spending time at the loved ones' bedside - find hope and relief in God's arms. I always will pray for miracles of healing. I hope you join me in thanks for all that we have and prayer for those who do not have it.

Jan 14, 2011

Blog readers CAN change the world

Jon Acuff posted a report on what kind of difference donations from his readers made in villages in Vietnam and Uganda. The original request was to raise a certain amount for purchasing nets for people in Uganda and Vietnam - countries heavily affected by Malaria, due to mosquitoes.

The goal was to raise $10k in 24 hours. Sounds like a lot to ask,but not for God. He moved people. 10k were collected within 2.5 hours. And donations continued to pour in.

Nets were purchased and brought to numerous kids and adults. People, that those blog readers would never meet, yet their donation possibly prevented many of those human beings suffering and possibly dying.

I just wanted to share this with you, and say that I have seen miracles that God can do with giving. Miracles that God can do with people even spreading a word about someone in need - and the love starts to pour. Out of unexpected sources, in, sometimes, unexpected ways.

We are a jaded people, especially the ones who brave the ocean of the internet everyday. We see people get taken advantage of, tricked, conned, ripped off. We see people devising more and more clever ways to steal, cheat, destroy. And it becomes hard to care, hard to believe. But God sees all, don't you know? What's worse - that your 2-3 bucks will end up in the hands of a conman, who essentially used misfortune of others to gain, or you not believing someone's story and ending up not helping someone who genuinely is desperate?

I would rather loose the money, than miss a chance to be a part of the fire that changes the world.I am definitely not saying blindly giving to anyone who asks. Not at all!
Always verify and ask questions. God is a God of truth. He will reveal the lie if its a lie. Just leave your heart's door creaked open for him to come in, that's all.

Friday hopping - Lets make friends!

I must say, with all the snow and ice outside, I had a hard time crawling out of my warm fleece "nest" this morning. My son and my husband were curled up together in my son's room like two bears, hibernating.

It took me years to understand what my husband meant by saying that he loves the cold because he missed the seasons. He loves the cold, and to feel the cold on his skin, because it makes him appreciate the sun. It makes him consciously aware of when the spring comes and the grown begins to grow green.

He is right. After living some many years in the land of eternal Green (Florida) and forgot what it is like to see that new grass appear, or to smell the springtime air. I honestly can say that this is the first winter in a long while that I am counting days till springtime.

Anyway, lets make some friends!

Jan 13, 2011

Prayer request: the boy in the striped shirt

This is from Emma's blog, at Em on a mission. It broke my hart, and I wanted to share it with you all.

Today we went into the slums for a feeding program.
Where we hung out and loved on the kids and then fed them lunch!!
There was probably 100+ kids

But there was one little boy in a little striped shirt I fell in love with.
His name is Chivate
I am in love with him!

He is almost four and looks like he is 18months old.
He is sick with a cough and a runny runny nose.
He has a little brother who's leg was broken and will never ever heal.
It is stuck like that,due to the way it was treated it is turned in.

The two brothers were abandoned by there mother.
Just left in the slums.
I held Chivate for a lot of the feeding program..
He snuggled me and I held him close and kept kissing his forehead.

I then realized it he doesn't have a Mom and a Dad.
They abandoned him.
They are Orphans with no one to take care of them.
My heart is breaking..
When I was leaving I had to set him down and tell him goodbye.

Tears were streaming down his face and he was crying and crying.
It hurts my heart so badly..
He is alone tonight with his brother and no one to hold him.
I can picture him snuggled next to his brother in that little mud hut.
His heart aching for a Mom and a Dad.
His heart aching for a family.
His heart aching for someone to love him and to care.

....My heart is aching for them....

If you think of it pray tonight for the little boy in the striped shirt and his brother..

Please pray with me for these precious ones to find a home. To make it. To be brought to the light and know a home and a family one day. My heart breaks for them, and I can only imagine how painful it was for dear Emma to hold the boy, knowing he will be alone that night. And the night after.

Vegemite sandwich = love

Yes, it's another post about Vegemite. In my previous post I was lamenting about finding the right balance of Vegemite vs. bread. I must say that I have found my sandwich "promised land" and it lies between two buttered pieces of white toast and just the right amount of this heavenly umame substance.
Most people int he US know of Vegemite from the Men at Work song “Land Down Under”:

"Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six foot four and full of muscles
I said, do you speak-a my language?
He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich"

Now, having found the joy of Vegemite, I understand that what the singer was portraying is actually an act of love. You see, making the perfect Vegemite sandwich requires patience. You first have to butter the bread before toasting, spreading a very thin layer evenly all over. After toasting, you have to gently scoop out this hard-to-spread substance and manage to coast the toast with just the right amount as to make it delicious, instead of weird.

So for someone to just give away their Vegemite sandwich to a stranger AND with a smile, I'm sorry, but that's love right there. How many times do I give away a "Vegemite sandwich" to a stranger? And this time I'm not really talking about a sandwich (because I am not parting with it), but in general: something that is precious to me, something that I value.

How many times I would rather buy a new thing that means nothing to me personally, rather than part with something that is dear to me. I started this post, intending just to write about a sandwich, honest! But in my heart, I heard and seen something entirely different - holding on to stuff. Items. Unwilling to give them up to either something better, or to share with someone who has nothing.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave the one and only Son..." This is not just a sandwich, or a trinket, or money, or food we are talking about. This is His Son. Not only that - he only has one, that's it. And he gave him away.

We are not God, and He does not expect us to give away our sons and daughters to others. But I think that he would rejoice seeing us giving someone "our sandwich". To a strange, just because. Just because we have a freedom to love.

Ok, I realize that the song is most likely not about that. I have no idea what the song is about.But the funny thing is, the more I dwell on Vegemite and how it came into my life, the more parallel I see it with my faith.

How did I find Vegemite and began my love affair with this brown yeasty spice of wonder? Well, a colleague, an aussie himself got some from his parents in the mail and was talking us about it. I asked him for a taste, and he painstakingly spent time making the sandwich for me.

Like that person sharing something he loves, can I not do the same with love itself? Share the Love I know and have from the Lord with others. Make them crave it throughout their life. Perhaps they will not be satisfied with the sandwich given but will seek out the "jar" Himself. The very source.

Sorry if this became a bit weird. I never expected to be comparing my faith to a Vegemite sandwich.

Jan 10, 2011

Snow day!

The flurries started last night, in our Southern Peach state, forming into full-blown snow-fall through the night. I peeked outside last night - it was so light, due to the snow covering the ground, that it look like dusk.
Woke up this morning to the half-buried vehicle, and a backyard full of snow for little one to run around. After sticking my head outside, I inched back into the house where I remained for the rest of the day.

I don't tolerate the cold well. People, who know that I grew up in Siberia, always laugh with the "ooh, but I thought you grew up Siberia, and you can't handle this cold?" I usually tell them that if I liked it in the Siberia, I would be living there now, wouldn't I?

People always ask me how cold it was in Siberia. Very cold, of course. The ground of the area where we lived in is called the permafrost. Since the ground is so cold, the utility lines and water pipes must be put above ground - back then, a lot of them in my part of town they were encased in the wooden troughs than were insulated with the fiberglass. Those "terraces" were the main walkways we as kids used to get around town, since they were slightly warmer, thus accumulated less snow.

How cold exactly did it get? Being bundled head to toe in clothing, half of which was made out of the reindeer hide does not really give you a good idea of the temperature. Unless you take the scarf off your face. It was cold enough that it hurt to breath, in fact, you always left your scarf on your face.In fact, your eyelashes can frees as well. Your face, nose, mouse, basically everything that you can cover - must be covered. Coming home from the outside, especially after standing in line or playing in the snow - was a painful experience. The painful tingling, as the blood was finally flowing in your limbs - it hurt so bad at times that I wanted to cry.

The coldest that I remember it getting was - 55 degrees Celsius. That's -67 F and that's not even a record in around those parts. I think the record low temperatures were recorded at -90s. So, yeah. Siberia was very cold, for much longer. But in my defense, as a kid who never lived in the tropical paradise, it was something that I expected. It was something that we waited to pass, that's all. I would put on my dress, my wool stockings, my wool socks, sweater, wool scarf, my deer-skin coat, deer-coat boots, heavy woolen mitts, fluffy rabbit fur hat and I was ready to go!

Yeah, dressing a small child in the winter was a pain in the butt. But it's a gorgeous place on Earth, even in the dead cold of winter, the beauty is hard to describe.

This photographer has some nice pictures, by the way. I recommend visiting.

Jan 9, 2011

So much done.

Whew, t he weekend is almost over. Got so much done, for one - completely changed my blog look. I really did not care for the previous one - too travel-brochure. I like warm green colors more.

Also seems like I spent the whole weekend shopping. Went to the mall, ALMOST signed up for the local idol (of sorts) auditions. Decided against it. Bought awesome shoes on sale (its amazing how a pair of shoes can get a girl excited). Kim, you would adore these, I'll make a picture.

Tomorrow, we are promised a winter storm, sleep, hail, basically anything that winter can throw at a city. Very possibly will be staying home and working from there, instead of battling the icy roads.

Re-arranged my craft closet, or rather finished up the project. Found out that I have 3x the amount of felt sheets I thought I had.

Got a cute pink cover for my iPod touch. Still don't know what to do with the thing. But I love looking important, as I whip it out occasionally int he store and poke it with my finger, pretending to look busy. It makes me feel very hip and up to date. And busy.

But in reality, I'm just playing "bubbles" on it. :D

Cleaned up my son's room. He was sent to his room and was told now to come out until it was clean. After we did not see him for an hour, I checked on him, and saw that he did what any 4 year old would do - curled up among his toys, stuck a thumb in his mouth and happily went to sleep.

Oh! We have got rid of the Christmas tree and I reclaimed my living room. It now only has 1 carpet - the tan, instead of the regular tan and the piny-needles one. Broke one of the centerpieces in the process, showering our poor dog with pieces of glass. He is OK. Packed Christmas stuff away and tucked it away for the next year. Also bought some Christmas stuff on clearances, and tucked it away. Now that definitely made me feel all grown-up and sensible. :D

Overall, a tiring but good weekend. Now my boys are watching Avatar and having snacks, and I have time to sit and play some games. With that - good night all!

Jan 8, 2011

Craft weekend

Decided to go through my craft supplies closet this weekend and after going through a bunch of half-finished crafts, got inspired to do more. Yeah, I'm starting new ones, not finishihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifng the un-finished ones. Seriously, what did you think I would do? :D

And since I stole a great camera off my dad, I can now take semi-decent pictures of things, so I decided to share some with you.

I was attempting some French nots. I failed at that, but had fun nonetheless. I embroider after sketching stuff on the piece of cloth. Mostly while I'm watching TV - quite a relaxing and productive hobby, imho.

I call this one a "Beautiful sea maiden with a goofy face".

This one is an unfinished rushnik, which is a traditional Russian towel that was sort of a family heirloom item. Rushniks were used as dowry items, and decoration, and many sacred ceremonies. The designs embroidered on them were very elaborate and symbolic. I dunno how to do any of the traditional designs, to be honest, so I decided just to make a colorful parrot-bird-thing.

And a couple of my flower samplers. Just having some fun with it.

Jan 7, 2011

Not good enough.

I was reading some blogs and came across Jon Acuff's post on worrying about being, or more exactly, not being the perfect "whatever". That reminded me of a story.

Back in school, when I was about 10 or 11, my English class was supposed to put on a performance. I don't recall the details, but one of the things that we were supposed to do was dance. No one in the class wanted to do it - we were very embarrassed, being small kids. My teacher was getting visibly upset as time went by. I don't know who told her or what was hanging on this performance night, but it was obvious that the lack of interest and participation was worrying her.

Now, I hope you don't take the next part as me boasting about myself. You will see my point later on. I felt sorry for her - she was a nice lady and a good teacher. I told her that I will be in the show, and do the dancing. To this day I remember her looking at me with gratitude and saying "you know, you are a very good person." It wasn't the kind of patronizing thing that an adult would say to a child sometime, but as one human being would say to another.

Years and years have passed, until I understood why I remembered this praise. More than two decades ago, I still remember one of my teachers telling me that I was a good person. It was not because I danced well (the show turned out to be a disaster by the way), but because I made myself available.

The point that I am trying to make, is that I often find myself say "I'm not good enough to do that", or "I'm not smart enough," or "I don't know the Bible well-enough to defend my faith", or "I am not a good Christian". I once said that to my sister Kim, how I am worrying about my ministry among my co-workers, who are not Christian (far far on the opposite end in fact). How can I possibly be God's tool when I am a bad Christian? She asked me:"How would they know what a good Christian is if they are not a Christian themselves?"

I find measuring myself up against this "golden calf" of an Ideal Christian. Isn't that ridiculous? I have created this person, infallible Christian of unspeakable strength and faith that I will never ever be able to measure up to. But does that at all sounds like a person who even needs God?

So every time the hissing voice in my head starts to tell me how I am "not pure enough" or " not good enough" or "not knowledgeable enough", I remember that the only thing I ever need to do - is to make myself available to God. He will do the rest.

"...work out your salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure" …Phil 2:12

Why is the second part of this amazing line left out so often?! For it is GOD who is at work in you. What an amazing freedom and relief that is.

Win a vacation in Florida!

The couple at the Voice of Truth is currently raising funds for the expenses for the adoption of two precious boys. They get to fly out and meet their boys on January 24th, and they still have much to raise.

They are not giving up hope. Donation is easy, you can donate as little as 10$ or as much as you want, of course. One lucky winner will get to spend 7 nights of their choice (June-Sept) on the Indian Shores beach in S. Florida. If you never been to Florida, let me tell you (since I have lived there about a 3d pf my life) - that place will forever have a hold on my hart. The snowy-soft white sands, the water, the food, the sun. Man, I get home-sick just thinking about it.

That's not all!
2nd Prize: Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Motion Plus (Brand New in Box)

But that's not even the best part. Whether you win or loose, you will be helping two wonderful people to bring 2 boys home. To give 2 children a family. What could be more awesome that that?

Please, please, please, visit them. Even if you are unable to donate, please leave some words of encouragement.

Jan 6, 2011

The one ring..

Ok, so its the THE ONE ring, but a funny anecdote. My husband's Aunt passed away about a year ago, and we got some of her old jewelry, including this adorable diamond/emerald ring. The ring flips, and you can wear it as either a diamond or an emerald - I've never see anything like it. Me, loving the shiny things, of course asked for the ring.

Now, in Russian culture, one is never ever supposed to wear someone else's jewelry. If you are given a ring, it is thought that its best to give it to a pawn shop and buy it back before wearing. Dipping it in holy water is also considered to "clear the ring of any of the owner's previous, usually negative energy". And one should never ever wear a ring or especially a cross that they find.

Anyway, I don't really believe in those superstitions, so I put the ring on, while actually saying that defiantly to my husband. What do you know, the ring is now stuck on my finger. I have spent all night last night trying to take it off. My finger only gets fatter the more I try. It doesn't hurt, it actually sits quite comfortably on my finger, it just doesn't want to come off and its BOTHERING ME!

Lol, go figure. My father-in-law said that he knows of a way to take it off. He plans to do it tonight. Knowing him, I am actually slightly scared what that might entail.

Storing Up Treasures: Promoting YOU

Growing your reading crowd is not easy, but, as I discovered, while I seeked for readers to share my blog with, I have also found many interesting blogs that I read on the daily basis. I feel like the circle of people I know all over the world have grown bigger in just a few months.

Storing up treasures
would like to help you accomplish both - to grow your reader base and find other blogs that you might find interesting. Please head over to add your own link, and perhaps your blog will be chosen to be the Blog of Note for a month.


Jan 5, 2011

Wednesday = making friends day.

Taking time out to grow my circle of friends. Please stop by, leave comments - those are always great to see. Don't forget to check out the links to find other blogs to read as well!

If you decide to follow me, Ill follow you back as well.

Have fun!


Jan 4, 2011


Today, quite out of the blue decided to make Pelmeni, which are basically a Russian tortellini. It took a while, but it tasted just like I remember tasting them when I was little. Its basically a dumpling with meat, boiled. Delicious.

Since it takes a while to make them, as you have to make the individually, usually its a family affair. I told my boys that if the want more, all I need is a couple of dough-rolling slaves. No one volunteered. lol.

This was definitely worth the effort. Pelmeni are a staple, insanely delicious staple of Russian cuisine. There is not a household that is not familiar with it, and I have never met someone who doesn't like them. Unless you are a vegetarian, I suppose. =P

Anyway, prep time takes only about 30 minutes. But making them - is "therapy work", as my dad puts it.

Cat, Duck, and God.

One thing that amazes me every day, is how much my perspective on various things in life has changed ever since I became a mother. The other day, I had to turn off a Tom and Jerry cartoon because I found it absolutely horrifying, and also because I was watching it with Gio.

That particular episode was about a baby duck, who happens to hatch under Tom (the cat), and because he is the first creature he sees – he believes the cat is his mother. And the little creature just adores Tom, clinging to him and saying how beautiful he is and that “his mommy is the best in the world.” Tom, on the other hand is attempting to simply murder the duckling and eat him. He is a cat, after all. I don’t remember how this cartoon ended, but I am sure that I’ve seen it many times and it never bothered me before my son came into our lives.

All of a sudden, the hidden horror of the situation hit me – this little creature knows only one thing: this cat, this other creature is his mother, and he loves “it” without any question. Yet the cat, oblivious to the duckling’s love for it, is determined to serve his own purpose and devour it. Can you imagine the heartbreak the baby duckling would suffer if he knew, or even understood his situation? As a mother, I think one of the worst things I can imagine (and if you a parent, you know we can imagine some pretty horrible things), is my son ever thinking that I don’t love him. That I won’t do anything I can for him.
A woman of God I know once told me:” Your relationship with God, and the way you view God in your life is based a lot in how you view your parents.” Watching that silly cartoon made me realize that the duckling used to be me. And the cat, that I so dearly clung to, believing that it is my “mother” was the world. And I am talking about the “world” in the Biblical sense of the word.

It is only natural, isn’t it? It is near, it is tangible, we understand it. We build our hopes and dreams and our very image to conform to what it tells us we should be. What we could be. We cling to it’s promises, and take knocks from it, believing that this is it. And so many of us go through life never realizing that there IS something else out there. Without Christ – we are children, stuck in a forever-abusive family, trapped, beaten and defeated, because we don’t know that there is something better. That we DON’T HAVE TO LIVE THAT WAY.

John 2:15
“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them.”

The world is a cat that wants to roll you up in some pastry and stick you in the oven. Because it is what it is. But you are not a duck. I choose my Father because he has given me the gift of being able to choose him. I may live in the world, but it is not my home. I have a mother whom I love, but she is not the governing force in my life. I have a father who is human, but he does not define who I am and neither do his faults.

God will never betray. He will never leave. He will never get bored of you, never humiliate you, never leave. He IS the perfect parent. God is for you.


Jan 3, 2011

Going to the doctor, yay!

After much urging from friends and co-workers, I have finally took the time to schedule an eye-doctor appointment. I’m really terrible when it comes to going to the doctors. I never do it. And the weirdest part – I LOVE going to the doctors. Actually I think it’s the attention that I enjoy. The questionnaire they have you fill out. The questions.
Anyway. I’ve been steadily loosing my vision. I already am wearing a really strong contact lenses, and cannot drive (or do anything) without glasses or lenses. Its been getting worse and worse over the past few months. While I still maintain that it could very well be the old lenses, today I am having trouble reading things on my PC screen. I’ve been squinting all day.

So tomorrow, I’m finally going to get my eyes checked out and get a new prescription. This reminds me of a story (of course!). When I was little, my vision started going bad rapidly pretty early. I had to start wearing glasses by the time I was 10. I went to the clinic once (alone), and after the doctor checked my eyes, he told me that I should get a laser surgery done, because at the rate that I am loosing my vision, it is very likely that I will go blind before I hit 20.
That’s a weird thing to day to a kid right? Like, what’s his problem?

Well, I’m way past 20 and still not blind. Well…as long as I have my glasses. But its starting to get scary. How thick do they make those?


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