Dec 21, 2010

World without prayer

Me and hubby went to our son's school yesterday, for the parent-teacher meeting. That's always exciting and a little frightening at the same time, but everything that she said was positive.

The topic of our conversation came around to our nationalities (I think we were talking about their international "Where am I from" day at their school, that's coming up in a couple of months). John, my husband, mentioned to the teacher how I should tell the kids about getting in trouble in school for spreading religious propaganda. True story, I'll tell you all about it someday.

Now my son's school is a private Christian school. All of the teachers are Southern Baptist, African American women who got the Gospel with their mother's milk. They are awesome, and when John said that the teacher's eyes got wide. She looked at me as if we were joking, but I told her, that where I come from, for the longest time you were not allowed to practice religion, or even believe in God. She put her hand to her heart and exclaimed: "Then how did 'yall pray?!"
"We did not. We could not."

She gasped, and I thought that it was so dear and awesome that here is a person, to whom God is so much a part of her life that she cannot even imagine a place, where one not only not have a place to pray, but not even want to do it because they do not believe there is a God at all.

Of course, Russia is not like that anymore. Even back when I was a kid, at least in our town, you would just get laughed at for believe in God. But there were times where you could loose your job, or even your freedom for speaking the Gospel.

But anyway, I just found it so interesting to have a glimpse into another person's life, where a world without prayer is unimaginable.

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Kim Foo Young said...

wow - what a thought. and yes i love these stories of your life. btw dont forget i need a guest post :p


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