Dec 15, 2010

Vegemite or Nutella?

You might ask yourself, why is this even a question? Nutella = sweet hazelnutty heavenly substance that probably coats the streets in Haven vs Vegemite. What the heck is Vegemite?

Actually, Vegemite is delicious. However, I used too much of it this morning, which made me sad. Then I googled to see if I was mis-using it in someway and sure enough – you supposed to put just a tiny bit. I think I’ll have to try again.
Spent last night finishing wrapping the stocking stuffers (The SOCKS, according to my son) and the rest of the presents. Also spent an hour and a half making treat bags for my son’s school party. That was pretty fun, but I just never know whether I am getting the right thing. I cannot believe how socially incapable I am. It’s like I have lived in a cave all my life. I have to check the etiquette about almost anything with my husband, because for some reason I am clueless about what is acceptable and not acceptable in a polite society.

I went to pick up more Christmas stuff at the Hobby Lobby – oh man, they are nearly sold out of everything. I cannot believe how quickly they sold several isles worth of stuff. People were just grabbing stuff off the 50% off shelves. No beads though. I was hoping to stock up on beads while they were half off – alas, they were the normal price. I should have bought much much more the last time. Got spray paint for the pine cones and will try to finish the wreath tonight. I have a feeling that by the time I’m done with it, Christmas will pass.

Oh, I have gotten a log of gingerbread dough and my cookie cutters. I will be trying the gingerbread cookies later this week or next week and will document the progress. Quite excited about that.

Mom sent me some of my old pictures, this is me saying “Happy Holidays!”

PS: Vegemite adventures continue, and my breakfast sandwich was saved. Like a phoenix it was reborn in the form of an English muffin, lightly oiled with margarine, lightly toasted, and VERY thinly coated with vegemite. OMG. If a sandwich could purr, it would be doing it in my belly right now. I think I just found my true breakfast food love.

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Kim Foo Young said...

Just as beautiful as you are now :P


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