Dec 2, 2010

Russian Adoption news

As you probably have heard, there has been a long-time deliberation within the Russian officials as they are looking into changing the laws regarding international adoption for the Russian orphans. After several reports of deaths, cases of abuse, and in the most famous case - a Russian orphan boy being sent back home, hundreds of adopting families in process were affected and a freeze was put on the adoptions outside of Russia.

Things are finally moving forward regarding Russia's changing laws towards international adoption, as Russian Adoption blog reports.

"...another round of talks between the US and Russian negotiators concerning the conclusion of a bilateral adoption agreement will be held in Washington, D.C. on December 1 through 3, 2010. According to Levitskaya, this round of talks aims to settle some final outstanding issues on the way to signing the agreement. While the official press release does not indicate a target date for signing, other Russian officials were quoted in the press as saying that they hoped it would be signed by the end of this year or in January."

I would like to request for a prayer that whatever may happen may happen according to God's will. May the roadblocks to children finding homes be lifted and favors granted towards the future of many children.

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Kim Foo Young said...

true that anna true that. this particular situation is deep in my prayer right now. especially where it might one day have an effect on someone i love.


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