Dec 23, 2010

One less suffering - A plea for help.

When I first started taking a look into the numbers , the information and statistics about orphans and adoptions, mostly out of curiosity, one of the first roadblocks that seemed to be overwhelming to be is the though: How can I possibly help? How can I save all of them? There are so many, living alone, unneeded, unseen, and some even dying - forgotten.

My friend and sister, Kim have shared a story about the Starfish. Don't try to change the world as it is, but make a difference for just one starfish. I've pondered this, and prayed for the Lord to give me guidance on this. I searched more information - there was no shortage, as the need is great.

We are so used to tune out the commercials on TV, the ones that seem to be designed to provoke pity, and even shame that we are sitting on our warm couches and doing nothing about starving children in Africa. Trust me, I would turn the TV off, or change the channel just as many others have probably done the same.

But the deeper I dug, the deeper it went. But alongside this seeming endless ocean of despair and hopelessness I also saw an equally wide and vibrant stream of hope. Blogs after blogs of couples who are either adopting, thinking of adoption, or advocating and putting in their time and resources into adoption.

I wanted to share something with you all, that touched me so deep. Deeper than any plea from Sally Struthers, than any music video about the suffering of the orphans. A few months ago, No greater Joy Mom posted about the orphanage, where they got their adopted daughter from.

Her adopted daughter, and many other kids at that particular orphanage have mental disabilities, mainly the Down Syndrome. In Russia, that means that you are left at the birthing home and your life will be that of the oblivion. You will spend your first five years in a crib of an orphanage 24/7, taken out only for routine " basic care" procedures, and sent to a mental institution for the rest of your life. You will know no love, no playing, no joy, no simple loving human contact. You will be dead to the world, yet a living, breathing, thinking and FEELING human being.
I must warn you, this is a heart-wrenching post. The images of these little ones will be etched in your brain. If you feel that you cannot read this, don't. It's not my intention to shock or guilt you - not at all. Just to show what one mother saw. She sent a plea for help, a cry out for someone to find it in their heart to rescue one of those poor children.

The story does not end there. A few months had passed, and I found another post on her blog. A couple has adopted 2 of the boys from that orphanage.
7 kids total are being adopted, all with special needs. I don't know if it was as a direct result of the first post, but the fact is - these children can have a voice.

Not all are called to adopt, not all feel ready, and that is understandable. My only please is - please don't close your eyes. Please don't pass up opportunity to speak about this crisis of indifference out loud. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Atheist (or any other religions belief or lack thereof) - we all know that no child deserves a life like that.No human does.

The world will tell you you are not strong enough, not rich enough, not good enough, there are way too many more important things to do, its not the best time, who cares, there are "country's" problem.
Don't buy that bullcrap. It doesn't cost anything to look into and find out more information and share with others.

Many of these and other adoptions have been assisted by Reece's Rainbow, a ministry that assists with adoption of a child with Down Syndrome.


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