Nov 30, 2010

Works for me Wednesday

I had a hard time coming up with a practical advice when the idea fell into my lap. Practically. I really dread shopping for Christmas, mainly because I LOVE getting gifts for people that I know very well, but I usually have severe buyer's regrets 5 minutes after buying something.

I do love, however, shop on the Amazon, much like millions of other people. Duh, no surprise there. You all probably know this, but honestly - I don't get to shop too often so I just found out about the whole Wish List today. If you don't know about it, I hope this helps you.

Your Wish list can be searched for, and shopped by others, who can secretly send you the items from it. All they need is your email address. But wait, there is more! If your friend or family member doesn't have one, you can easily send them an invite poke right from there and let them know.

I so wish my whole family, whom I barely know what to buy for had their wishlists on Amazon. This would make it so much easier, honestly. God bless whoever created the Amazon.

P.S. To add something else to this, there are a couple of sites that I always stop in, because they help me find something unusual, cute, unique, or just darn cute:
Wists - Social shopping site, where you can find endless ideas. Some stuff people post is weird, but if you don't find what you need, you can at least find an idea.
Of course, don't forget (they are having a woot-off today!).
And one of my favorite places: Neatorama store. Anyway, have fun shopping!

1 comment:

Kim Foo Young said...

lol you kill me - god bless whoever created the amazon. i just woke bryan up laughing at that. hehe.

yeah ive been using the internets... err... the amazon... errr... amazon wishlists for years. and scoping other peoples lists helps me shop for them. well except some people like my sister just puts stuff for her kids on it, my other sister does that too come to think of it... thats annoying... theyh could use a private list/shopping list for that but nooooo... hehe anyhow :P of course you find the wishlist the day i drop your family's presents in the mail. you better like em anyhow :P


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