Nov 26, 2010

Season for crafting crazies

Much like my mother's visit brings out the cleaning crazies, the Christmas season brings out the crafting crazies. All of a sudden, I find myself frantically searching the internet for ways to upcycle old greeting cards and how to make hand-made trinkets and gifts.

I comb the thrift stores in search of "something", and my crafting closet for remnants of scram paper and ribbons. I usually end up either making a bunch of weird stuff I end up never sending anywhere, or not making anything at all. However, each year,the desire to create is strong.

So, I just wanted to share a few ideas that I found online: - offer endless ideas for creating all sorts of things. Recycling old cards has a bunch of ideas of what to do with them, without feeling guilty for throwing out the cards your family sent you last year.Mini present ornaments - a great idea to use up some cardboard and scraps of wrapping paper.

Possibly the coolest cookies on the planet.If you like me - have never heard of "luster dust" here, you can read about how to use it. I think I'm making some shiny gingerbread men this year.

Tell me those wouldn't absolutely look amazing in someone's cookie-tin this holiday?
Speaking of gingerbread men - I have never baked a batch. They will need to go on my "firsts" list this year.

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