Nov 17, 2010

No Control: Airplanes

Found this interesting article that you might find interesting: 35 Secrets Your Pilot Won't Tell You.

I don't like planes, but that did not used to be the case when I was little. I used to effortlessly and without any worry travel across Russia every year to visit my grandma. The biggest worry I had was timing my puking and making sure I hit the puke bag instead of myself or whoever happened to be sitting next to me.

Then at some point,and I think all of us have this defining moment or time in our lives, I realized that I was mortal. That things in the wold can hurt me, kill me, leave me to plummet down to the earth from the sky with no hope of escaping. That the world and life itself was completely, hopelessly and utterly - out of my control. The only thing that I have control over is whether I wear pants or not today (and thank the good Lord for that).

I dread flying with every fiber of my being. The rational part of me knows the statistics, knows that I am safer there than in the car, that turbulence won't kill us all. But the rest of me - is a small frightened child, weeping in the corner, begging for God to stop shaking the plane. That's literally the prayer I am praying as I'm outwardly calmly listening to my iPod or watching TV on the plane.

It's funny how easy it is to say "I trust you completely, God", when my feet are planted on the firm ground, when my belly is full and my body is warm. When I am in a country where cops will come rescue me should I get attacked. When I will have place to go, should my house be taken away. When there is a hospital that will take me in, should I get hurt and have no money.

But way up there, in the air, I truly feel to be in God's hand - right there in his palm. And in the plane of course, but frankly, I still think that the only reason they are able to stay up in the air - is magic.

And its both - exhilarating and excruciatingly terrifying to say "I trust you, God". If I fall - that's your will, do as you will. But I trust You, because I have no control over this situation.


Kim Foo Young said...

ok first of all - are you kidding me with that article? i mean you say im your only reader (doubtful) and then you post an article link like that? killing me!

but yes i agree and youve certainly given me some things to think about.

Mom2fur said...

The farthest I've ever flown is Rome, Italy, many years ago. I get a little nervous flying now--and the only trip I take is to visit my mom in Ohio. I just say a prayer for the flight crew and don't let myself think too much about it.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw!


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