Nov 1, 2010

New month, new hope: Teraffa

Little Teraffa is only 2 years old. The Drawn from Water orphanage fought hard for this little guy's life. His tribe meant to murder him, as he is considered an "unclean" child. The orphanage has many children that they have saved from this fate. Unfortunately, to add to the fact that he was basically marked for death, his family starved him deliberately. Little boy had nearly died, and possibly will have liver complications for the rest of his life. Around Christmas time the orphanage got him, and thought he looks plump and healthy on the outside, they found out last week that he has serious issues with his lifer.

Please take the time to read his story. As a mother, I cannot fathom how can someone deliberately starve their child, but he was born and grew up in a completely different culture where people still very much are governed by ancient beliefs and traditions.
The good thing is - he is at the orphanage now where caring and loving people will continue to fight for his life and health, pray and hope go hive him the best life they can.

You can read his story here, at Drawn from Water.

1 comment:

Kim Foo Young said...

My heart breaks for teraffa. Thanks for sharing this!


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