Oct 6, 2010

"Want" vs "Have to"

Throughout my life I've always had a problem with doing things that other people told me I "had" to do. Even when I was little, if I had to wash the dishes, had to put away my clothes, or had to do my homework - it was a sure bet that I will not do them.

Even now, now and then I tend to fall into the same pattern. And the more urgency that "have to" is, the more time I will take not doing it. I have to get a password, and I've been procrastinating it for the past 2 months.
I have to work on my some graphics for the game that my husband is working on for a contest, and I've been avoiding my computer like the plague for some reason. Forget the cast that I actually enjoyed working on it last time.

At some point over the years I started analyzing myself in that regard. Well, what exactly makes me want to procrastinate when completing an important task or a chore? I am definitely not lazy - I enjoy work. I enjoy doing chores, actually. Then I think I'm started to realize that if I remove the "Have to" and replace it with "I want", things are not only done, but I actually enjoy doing them.
Of course, some things for me are still a project and a half. Like going to a bank, for example. It's simple, the bank is really close, driving there is easy and safe, and the people inside are nice and give you lollyppops. But I dread it.I don't know why.
But the "I want" helped a lot with other things. Most days, I can't wait to get home and do some house work. Maybe because its been a while we had a nice house, and playing house is fun.
I am, however, grooming my son to be my unpaid laborer. He find cleaning fun for now, and I try to keep it up. The other day he "helped me" washing dishes.

Do you have things in your life that you have trouble with accomplishing for reasons you can't explain?


Kim Foo said...

OHMYGOSH YES!!! Pumping gas is my biggest one. I am going to try your trick out. well see how it goes. :)

Catalina said...

Actually, yes, pumping gas is the one thing I refuse to do (for some reason). My poor husband has accepted this and dutifully pumps gas for me. :D


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