Oct 15, 2010

Today: Blog action day - Clean water

Please don't forget to register your blogs on http://blogactionday.change.org/ to support the clean water causes and charities around the world.

I'm not gonna go on about how important water and especially clean water is - we all know that. I do want to share a story. When I was little, I used to visit my gramma in Ukraine in the summer. To conserve water, the city would shut off water daily for a few hours. Now this is in the summer, and it got pretty hot. No one had air-conditioners. My grandma would fill up whatever containers she could before the shut off, just so she had water to cook with.
She would also fill up the bathtub with water, for toilet flushing, and stuff.

Growing up in the states, I've gotten so used to having water at all times. I cannot imagine, for example, having a baby, and not having water to clean him or her with - because there is simply no water.

1 comment:

Kim Foo said...

i totally cant imagine not having water. its so beyond me.

check out this video though - i think it will open our eyes more



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