Oct 30, 2010

Just peace

We had a big Halloween party at work last night. If anyone knows my company, they know that we get extra crazy for Halloween, costumes are elaborate and alcohol flows without end.

I was doing the face painting for the kids, and actually had a fantastic time - the kids are fun, simple to talk to and they don't look at me like I'm crazy when I make funny sounds while drawing on them.
I had a couple of very light drinks and then headed upstars back to my office to browse some sites. I don't know what it is about parties, but they bore me for some reason. I really don't like the feeling of being drunk, and since I quite smoking, having conversations outside became a bit...well..forced. So, me and my husband decided to head home early.

And that is when the fun began. Dad put a blow-up giant pumping outside, with a witch stuck inside of it and it's legs kicking. Very cute. We just sat and watched Little House on the Prarie, while Gio quietly played with his cars on his "fluffy blanket" in the living room, dad did his Sudoku puzzles, and we watched the adventures of Laura Ingalls. It was peace, it was home, and far better "party" that I could imagine. I enjoyed that precious time so much, and thank the good Lord for giving us that time together.

Bthw, Little House is like one my most favorite shows of all times. It's not all happy-rainbows-unicorns, in fact it has a lot of very serious and emotionally charged storylines, and I recall there was this one episode that made me bawl like a small child. But it seeps of light and kindness and goodness. Something that is almost completely gone from public programming in our days.

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