Oct 27, 2010

Fear's eyes are big - Halloween preparedness

That's an expression in Russian. It doesn't translate well, and even in Russian I never really got what exactly its supposed to mean. Ideologically, it means that when we are afraid we are seeing things magnified. I think.

I remember reading this story about a Florida elderly lady who sat trapped in her house, because there was a panther on her front porch. The animal loitered there for a long time, until the lady could take it no more and called the police. The animal services came out, ready to rescue her from this beast, only to find that she was harassed by an empty black garbage bag, blowing in the wind and stuck on her porch.

If you know me well, then you would know that I am a highly paranoid person. I often think that people are after me. I really don't like pot lucks or home-cooked treats because I think that people will try to poison me. Maybe not me personally (I'm not ALWAYS that vain), maybe they are doing it just for kicks. But it would still be pretty unpleasant.

Once, I could swear that I saw a ghost of a girl with long white hair standing outside my neighbor's back door. She just stood there for hours, only to stare at me with her featureless face. For over an hour, every now and then, I would peek outside - but she was there. And no wonder - in the morning I found out that the mop, that my neighbor left drying against her back porch - indeed had not moved.

Today, sitting in my car and waiting for the boys to come out of the daycare I saw this man in a striped shirt standing by parked card behind me. It was raining hard, but he just stood there and stared at my car. Why is he standing there, I thought?! That's so creepy! Then the rain cleared a bit, and I realized that the poor tree behind me had no choice but to stand creepily behind.

Have you ever been frightened by something only to find out that it was something completely benign or even silly? Medical scares don't really count. Share your stories, I'd love to hear them.


Kim Foo Young said...

oh my gosh - you know i do. :)

Mom2fur said...

I was like this as a kid, although I do 'see' things that turn out to be other things quite often. I think it happens to all of us.
I'm somewhat agoraphobic. I hate crowds. I can go places, but I don't drive very far, so all my errands have to be to the same stores. I hate driving and if I think about it too much when I'm in the car, I get panicky that something bad is going to happen. And I have a perfect driving record of over 35 years, so I don't know where that comes from.
So don't feel bad. Most of us have our phobias, even if we won't admit it!
PS--thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment!

Catalina said...

Thanks for your Story, Mom2fur :)


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